Monday, June 21, 2010

Bead Soup--Day Three

The Bead Soup Party is still rockin' today with talented artists! To help you find your way, here's a list of today's Bead Party group. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, go browse around and look at the incredible, talented, wearable art! 

Before you go on the tour--this is for my bead friends and readers. 
 Have you ever wished you could just win a huge stash of beads? Now's your chance to try for one humongous bead destash/giveaway!  Denise Yezbak Moore is having such a giveaway. She hasn't decided to send it all to one person or to split it six ways yet but I think she's counting the votes! You can click on the link above (her name) and check out this wonderfully, gorgeous, luscious, delightful set of beads she's giving away--all SEVEN AND A HALF POUNDS of it! 

Back to the Bead Party! 

Here's today's group!
27. Lisa, Alterity 
28. Dale, Dales' Flights of Fancy 
29. Melanie, Kookie Designs 
30. Christine, A Hot Piece of Glass
31. Nancy, Beading From the Heart 
32. Laurel, Rue's Daftique 
33. Sandi, Do Be Do Bead Do 
34. Nicki, Nicki's Reef
35. Virginie, ViviBijoux
36. Janeen, Wild Vanilla 

(Psst! Lisa and Virginie are also having giveaways! Here's your chance at winning some fabulous handcrafted jewelry by extremely talented women!) 

Have a wonderful day!

PS: Dana, my bead soup partner is having a NON-BEAD giveaway at her blog! Go check this out! 


  1. Yikes, 7 and 1/2 pounds of pretty, luscious, amazing beads...that is one big haul ! I am definitely off to check it out. :)

  2. Thanks Cathryn! you're in twice :) I'm going to see this bead stash giveamay now lol ;) smiles, Virginie

  3. That is amazing! Wow, what a bounty. When do you post your bead soup treasures?

  4. I wanna win! Thanks for the tip on this great giveaway. Beeeeee-you-tee-ful beads!

  5. Wow, thanks for the info, I'll mention it tomorrow on abeadaday too. :)

  6. Even though I don't make jewelry, beads are one of those things I LOVE to look at. The colors are just so wonderful. It's kind of like fabric and ribbon and even buttons for me!!

  7. oh come on, you wouldn't have missed today's bead soup.... Isn't this a fun event? I am trying to comment on everybody's blog, but sometimes, blogger won't let me.....