Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Friendly Visitor

The other day, I looked out my window while I was on the phone with a student and saw a wonderful sight. As soon as I could, I rushed outside with my camera. We had a visitor and I wanted pictures!
 That's my Fire Witch that I planted earlier. The butterfly couldn't leave it alone.  
 This little one intrigued me since I haven't seen that many butterflies in a long time. Beauty on the wing...
  Apparently, it really liked the Fire Witch--which smells spicy sweet. No pun intended.

The first day of the Bead Soup Party was yesterday. Lori Anderson, our coordinator has broken the party up into easy sections so this party is going to last all week long! How exciting is that?!?!? My partner, Dana and I don't get to do our unveiling until Thursday and I can hardly wait! So if you have nothing to do for the moment, head over to Lori's place and check out some amazing talent in today's world of beaders, jewelry designers, and artistic craftswomen!

Finally, Natalie of Tins and Treasures is having a stupendous giveaway to celebrate her blog's upcoming two year anniversary! And no--it's not beads so those of you who don't follow the craft can take a peek at her blog and see some of the wonderful items that are up for grabs on this giveaway! Just leave a comment on her blog by Tuesday, June 22nd and you're entered in the drawing! It's as simple as that! 

Hope your Sunday is easy and peaceful!


  1. I love butterflies. Could watch them for hours. Looking forward to the great bead unveiling!

  2. I love butterflies too. I can just watch them flutter around forever. Can't wait to see the beads! Off to Tins and Treasures!

  3. We planted flowers especially to attract butterflies this year. I've seen one or two but that's all. I keep hoping more will find their way here.