Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome! Welcome!

Hi! Welcome! Come on in! Hope you aren't allergic to cats! We have more than most people. That means I'm always cleaning up fur and *shudders* hairballs. Have a seat and get comfy...well as comfy as the cats will allow you to be. Want some coffee or tea? I see--you brought your own. Now THAT'S coming prepared.

What is this blog about? Well...it will be a conglomeration. It will have tales about our furry friends, information about them, and record the most public of my journey into being. 

About the name...well that's a short story. I decided this year since I live in northern New Mexico that I was going to roast my own chiles. The local Farmers' Market was exploding with smells that tickled the tastebuds and lots of green chile.  My favorite person of our local market is a young man I met at the local P&J by the name of Daniel. He was selling the best green chile, garlic, and onions. I tell you I had no will power against the salesmanship/craft of this young man. I bought a basket of chile, took it home and roasted it. It smelled so heavenly while it was roasting, filling every nook and cranny of our house with its delectable odor. We ate it that night. 

The following weekend, I bought two baskets, along with fresh garlic and onions from Daniel. Took home my loot, roasted the chile. This time I managed to put aside one container before my husband and I gobbled up the rest. The following weekend, I had to by a bucket. It took me a full day of processing, but it was worth it. My home had the smell of roasting chile and my freezer was starting to look better.

That's when I noticed our feline HERD racing through the house during the roasting period. They could be sound asleep until the odor of roasting chile penetrated their nostrils. I saw it progress from a stretch and yawn to a WAKE-UP! smack on the head of another one.  Then the racing began! From room to room--the cats would race each other, themselves, and air. There were feline contests during the roasting, including who could trip their human dad first, who nearly got caught in the roasting oven, and who could be the first one to get the older cats to join in their kitty-games.

I told my beloved husband that if I ever broke down and joined the rest of you in blogging...I would name this after the cats who crave green chile! Hence the name. 

Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. 


  1. Cathryn, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was very nice of you to visit. Please come back soon. Good luck with your blog. I'm sure you'll love posting. I know I do. The quilt in your title photo is very nice. I have a good friend in NM by the name of Sue Ellen. You wouldn't happen to know her would you?

  2. No I don't know anyone by the name of Sue Ellen! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was trying to figure out how you came across my blog. When you said you lived in northern NM I thought of Sue Ellen. She lives in Farmington. Now I see that you follow Lanyard Lady.

  4. Thank you for posting on my teacher blog. You're comments help. It's just been a tough nine weeks. Just 27 more to go!

    I like your blog. We are kitty lovers too.