Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Caturday

Topaz loves her pink afghan, rug, and acrylic fleece that line her basket. Believe me--it's HER basket. She gets all bent out of shape if another cat dares to occupy it in her absence. 
I can roll and roll and roll...
'Nuff said.
Oops! Missed a spot from my last bath...10 minutes ago.
I am flexible! Not bad for a kitty of six years. 
Mom caught me in a private moment again!


  1. She's so pretty and that pink and purple blanket is the perfect complement to her colors! Don't you wonder what she's thinking?

  2. She is adorable! I love the look on her face when she got caught in that private moment. My boys will do that, give me that look if I disturb them, and I always say "Then don't clean your boy parts on the middle of the living room!"

  3. Too cute! I miss my Mum's cats :-( Topaz looks both regal and comfortable - quite a feat!

  4. Oh she is precious. I can relate to her wanting her own private space,I was that way when my 3 girls were small and the only space that was mine and mine alone, come to think of it I didn't have a space that was mine and mine alone until after the girls grew up and then I was left with an empty nest. Huh, feast or famine, always too much or too little! :)

  5. Such a lovely cat. I adore cats and we had two, called Max and Moritz. It is so much pleasure to have a cat around. Have a good day, Inge

  6. Oh but she's precious. What fun shots!